Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Dragon*Con is coming! Run!

I'm getting everything packed and ready to go to Dragon*Con. I'll be flying in Thursday evening so I can get to the con bright and early Friday morning. I'll see you at the Epilogue booth!

I've updated the site a bit. There are now 83% less typos, and I've fixed the Sales page, which was automatically breaking out of my frames and pulling up CafePress. Curse them! They have been removed. Now you can see the original art I have for sale, and SOME of the prints. I still need to update the print selection to include all of them. In the meantime, remember that you can special-order ANY picture you see on my site EXCEPT the Everquest illustration. (Yes, the one that gets the most requests...)

The long, strange journey of Fot may finally be coming to an end. You may remember this picture , which was meant for publication about two years back. The company publishing the book went semi-out-of-business, leaving the writer of the book and yours truly out of luck. No money, no book.
Well, after a lot of struggle (and extensive rewrites) the author has managed to find a new publisher AND has even managed to bring me along for the ride. What a guy! So the book, "Fot, Vol. 1: A Fate Foreshadowed" is back on track, and may even include a back-cover pencil drawing I did for the author, too. I'll include more details as they become available.

Well, that's it for now. I'm about to write my "things to do" list for the trip. With luck I won't forget too much... See you there if you're going!

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