Friday, October 22, 2004

Everything, all the time.

Hey, welcome once again to the Megaflow. As usual, it's been a busy couple of months around here... Let's get you up to date!

ITEM! Several new pieces for Fantasy Flight. The next Call of Cthulhu set, "Unspeakable Tales" will be out soon, and I've done eight new pictures for it. You can see a few of them on my Epilogue gallery. You'll also see a couple of the new pieces I created for the upcoming Game of Thrones set "A Tourney of Swords". I'm trying some new things with textures lately - let me know what you think!

ITEM! Prints! Prints? Yes, Prints! I've expanded my selection of prints available through Epilogue... again go to my Epilogue gallery to see which ones are available. Look for the green "buy a print" button. Most others are available but may take a bit longer - just write me to ask. These are VERY high-quality photo prints, with fantastic colors. They look pretty much perfect - just like what I see on my screen when I'm making them. I think you'll be happy when you get one - and don't forget, they make great gifts for the holidays!

ITEM! I just did an emergency, last-minute replacement piece for the upcoming "Two-Fisted Tales" edition of ShadowFist. That one should be out soon, too, and again you'll find a few of those up on the ever-popular Epilogue gallery. Stunning, but true. You'll find a few here in my Illustration gallery, as well, with one or two more showing up any time now.

ITEM! Big shout out to Chris M. - thanks for leaving a message on the last blog entry. If more people would do that, the world would be a better place. (Yes, that is a hint...)

ITEM! Big shout out to Patrick Keith for linking to my blog in his latest news entry. And that reminded me that I'd promised to link to the digital demo art from Dragon*Con when it was posted... Well, due to several well-publicized hurricanes, the demos by the other folks have not been posted yet, but you can find mine on the second page of this Dragon*Con related thread on the Epilogue forums.

ITEM!! The last item this time is possibly the most interesting... I'm doing two pieces for the next Quarto Press "how to draw and paint" Fantasy book. This one is about creatures and beasts, and I'm doing a couple of very interesting Elemental beings. Along with the paintings, I'm sending constructive drawings and other details, which they will make into interesting 2-page spreads. I'm totally excited about this one!


Patrick said...

Wow dude! You actually read our news page? :D

Anyway! Congrats on your deal with Quarto Press! I am looking forward to picking up a copy of that as soon as it's available.

Patrick said...

Heya, PK. Of course I read your news page - all right-thinking, upstanding citizens should! Thanks for stopping by :)
- Patrick McEvoy

Mary said...

Hmmmmm....y'know, if I didn't know any better (well, actually, I don't) I'd think you were channelling PBS's John McLaughlin in this entry! :) "Byyye-Byyye!"

Patrick said...

While I don't agree with his politics, I WILL fight anyone who claims McLaughlin isn't the funniest man in show business!