Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Me, Myself, and prints!

Hey, good lookin! Yeah, I mean you! You look great, honestly. Lost some weight? Looks fantastic!

Well, that's my entirely unbiased opinion of YOU... Let's see what's going on with me...

ITEM! I had a great time at GenCon SoCal, meeting with the great, great folks at Fantasy Flight and Z-man games. I did a couple of impromptu signing sessions at the Call of Cthulhu and Game of Thones tables, and had an all-around fun time. Hooked up with my man Leo Winstead, met Thomas Denmark; good times, good times. Best of all, I met several wonderful editors and Art Directors from several companies, and got some nice new work - look for new stuff from Hero Games and Decipher in the very near future, and more to be announced soon.

ITEM! Thanks to several suggestions I got at GenCon, I am now going to be making LARGER prints, on heavy poster paper. The card art, from Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu and ShadowFist will be about 14" x 11", while the book-cover dimension pieces will be 11" x 17", and they'll go for $20.00 postpaid (plus $2.00 extra for non-U.S. orders). These are going to look fantastic, and they should be available in mid-January. Get in touch now to pre-order your favorite!

ITEM! In other news, I'm working on a comic book series deal. Nothing firm yet, but when it solidifies a bit I'll make with some details. Excitement abounds!

ITEM! More GenCon stuff - not news but just cool... The Fantasy Flight gaming tables featured a big five-foot high banner with one of my CoC pictures on it, the Freelance Investigator. Also, all the new Unspeakable Tales boxes of course featured my artwork... And Z-man games was giving away promotional pins featuring my "We Need Bigger Guns" pic. So what am I getting at here...? Just this: it's nice to be noticed - thanks guys!

And that's it for now... I'll be updating the site soon with new art and MOST importantly new info about the new prints. Please let me know which ones you'll be interested in so I can get extras printed of the most popular.

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