Thursday, March 30, 2006

Catching up - new news

Many items of interest have occured in the Megaflow world in the last few months - lets do a roundup!

First, because of publisher problems The Gatesville Company is on hiatus. Marc Bryant (the writer) and I hope to bring it back some day when conditions are right, but for now issues 1 and 2 are the only ones out there. Thanks to everyone who bought it and enjoyed it! We got lots of positive reviews, and thanks to all of you (and especially to Marc!) it turned out to be a positive experience in just about every way (except monetarily...)

In other comics news, I've done a couple of things for Markosia press - a cover for the upcoming Of Bitter Souls #1 (the relaunch of the book, which was formerly at Speakeasy) and a pinup for the trade paperback collection of Smoke and Mirror. Look for these at the Markosia site (they should both be out within a few months).

I'm also working on a full-length one-shot comic which is due out this summer. I can't mention the title or the author yet, but I can say the story is by a Major Fantasy Author, and I'm very excited to be working on it! I'll post more details the very minute I can, promise!

I've been busy working on many game-related projects... Among the recently released are Britannia (board game - I did art for the game pieces), Game of Thrones: A Song of Twilight (CCG - 6 cards) and Call of Cthulhu: Lost Cities (CCG - 8 pieces in this set).
Also coming out in the next couple of months:
Legend of the Five Rings: Drums of War (CCG from Alderac Entertainment Group, 3 cards of Samurai Action!)
Warlord:Eye of the Storm (another CCG from AEG - two cards AND I'm told my art is to be featured on the cover of the packaging)
World of Warcraft: Lands of Mystery (interior art - and I've got a lot more in the next two books in this series, too!)
Game of Thrones: A Song of Night (CCG - 6 cards in this set)
Mystical Empire, 2nd edition (CCG - 6 cards)
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game - 1st edition (from Upper Deck! This is going to be a cool one!!)
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, 3rd edition(my first color work with White Wolf - 5 pieces in this CCG expansion set)
Conan CCG - 4 cards (there's no site for this yet, so I can't do much of a link... Here's the company that's publishing it!)

In addition to all that, I'm doing several other things, and I've probably forgotten a few, so keep an eye out here for news as it comes.

I've made my summer plans.
San Diego: I'll be attending the San Diego Comic-con, and probably be at the Markosia boot for at least a little while. I'll let you know here when I have any more concrete plans.

Indianapolis: GenCon here I come! I'll have a booth again this year in the Art Show - stop by and say "hi!"

L.A.: I'll be going to my first World Con this year (August 23 - 27) and I'll have two panels in the Art Show. Since it's within driving distance, I will be able to bring some of my bigger pieces to sell, including (possibly) my huge EverQuest painting. Should be exciting!

Buy things!
Aside from my prints (don't forget you can order almost any of my art as prints - just email me!) I'm offering a few pieces through Ellen Million Graphics! Three of my most popular pieces, featuring a Sea Monster, a Werewolf, and a Phoenix, are available as cards, t-shirts, mousepads, magnets, prints, and stickers. Go check it out!

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