Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Find Patrick this summer!

Well, I'm sure the question has been on your mind lately... "where can I find Patrick this summer?" Well, worry no more - the answers are here!

First, I'll be attending Comic-Con San Diego, July 20 - 23rd. I'll be on my first panel, which is most cool! The artists on the panel will be: David Baron (Authority), Jeromy Cox (Catwoman), Alex Sinclair (52), Snakebite (Red Star), and Dave Stewart (Everything else) and... me, Patrick McEvoy (Gatesville Company, oodles of game art, and an upcoming Secret Comics Project which I might be able to announce by the time of the show).

The panel is currently scheduled for Thursday, 12:30 - 2:00 in room 8. It's one of the first shows in the Con so you'll have to make a bee-line to it as soon as you're registered on the first day. We'll probably have some interesting things to say individually, but we plan to make it mostly a Q&A session driven by audience questions. So if you have anything to ask about PhotoShop, comics coloring, digital painting and the like, come on by and join in the fun.

I'll probably be at the Upper Deck and Markosia booths at some point too - I'll write an update if I find out definite times before the show, otherwise just keep an eye out for me.

Next on the schedule is GenCon Indy, August 10 - 13, where I'll have a table in the artist's area. As I did last year, I'll be bringing original art, signed cards and lots of prints of all sizes. Stop by and say hello - I crave human contact!

Finally, I'll be attending my first WorldCon in Anaheim, August 23 - 27. For some reason, they are NOT allowing artists to sell things at tables in the art show this year, but I WILL have my art hanging and for sale in the show. Since it's within driving distance I'll be bringing some of my bigger pieces to sell for the first time.

That's it for now! I promise to add some updates here if any more news comes up.

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