Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Starkweather: Immortal - new series in June

My new comic book series is called Starkweather: Immortal. Here is what you need to know about it!

The basics are these... Starkweather: Immortal is a 5-issue series published by Archaia Studios Press. "Issue #0" will come out in June, a special prequel featuring secondary characters from the series, and that based on a story by Piers Anthony, in his first made-for-comics work! This special issue will feature both a big 26-page comics story, and the full prose-version of the story, plus lots of sketches and things. It's a big book filled with cool stuff!

For those of you new to the Starkweather world, it was originally a limited series from Arcana, written and created by Dave Rodriguez, with art by Jon Bosco. A digest-sized collection of issues 1 - 5 plus a short introductory story is available from Arcana. The story centers around a young witch named Alexander Starkweather, a young man plagued with self-doubt and tormented by prophetic dreams.

Our new series will expand greatly on Starkweather's origins, and flesh out the world he lives in. You should have absolutely no problem diving into this new series without having read the old one, as we will re-introduce all the characters and concepts, and retell some of the story.

More info!
The good folks at Archaia (also known as ASP) have set up a forum for us on their boards. Stop by and chat with us about Starkweather (or anything else that comes to mind...) here - Starkweather Forum.

In Addition, Dave and I each have pages at ComicSpace, where we'll be talking about Starkweather and our other comics projects:

My ComicSpace Page

Dave's ComicSpace Page

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