Monday, March 02, 2009

WonderCon wrap-up

Well, I'm back from WonderCon and boy are my arms tired. Literally! I had to carry a bunch of luggage close to a mile, and my muscles still feel stretched...

First, I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who came to my Digital Painting seminar at WonderCon. I had an incredible time, and it was great to see so MANY people in the audience. I was truly wondering if everyone was in the right place. :) But you laughed in all the right places and asked great questions. AND the applause at the end was unexpected and touching.

And thanks to all for being so forgiving of my fumbling around on the PC keys. I only got stuck a couple of times... Maybe someday I'll get a Mac laptop instead of having to borrow my friend's PC (and thanks again for my pal Salaam for swinging it by for me).

I sent a letter off to the programming director at WonderCon and asked how I'd be able to do the same thing at SDCC - I had that much fun. I'd do a similar show with some different pictures and a LOT more of an idea how to work the PC this time. I think it might be fun. I'll let you know if that goes anywhere.

Also, it was spectacular catching up with friends and meeting new ones. The Archaia booth was hopping - Nick (who let me share his hotel room), Kat & Josh (who picked up sandwiches), Marv, Dave & Julia (and Jeremy at dinner) - and good times were had by all. Also nice to see Chip, Mike, Matt and Ross from Boom! studios. And a friend of mine, Tania, came by to see what was up with the show, as she'd never been to one before. She ended up spending the entire afternoon wandering around by herself on the showroom floor checking out every damn booth in the hall. I was quite glad to turn someone on to the wonders that are a comics convention.

I missed seeing Stephanie Pui-mun Law (which was my fault entirely - I looked in Artist's Alley but couldn't find her) and I somehow missed connecting up with any of my Twitter followers. But overall, I can't complain. It's a well-run show in a very nice convention center in a very cool city. I'll be happy to be there again next year.


Kat said...

It was great seeing you too at the con! whoo hoo! Josh and I are going to try to make it a regular thing.

Patrick said...

Glad you had fun too. It will be nifty to see you there again next year. :)

Chelc said...

Your Digital Painting panel was my favorite of the day! So much information, and you made it look so easy. Thanks for all the little tips and taking us through step by step - and glad you had fun as well. Your art is gorgeous, by the way!

Patrick said...

Thanks for letting me know you had a good time, Chelc. (Chelsea?) I love hearing that I did some good in the world. :)

I did just hear back from the program director at WC, and it turns out that he is, in fact, also the program guy for the San Diego Comic-Con. And it looks like if everything goes well I'll be putting on a similar session there this summer. Yay!