Monday, March 29, 2010

Wondercon - another reminder!

Hi! Bet you thought I'd forgotten to remind you again about Wondercon again! Ha! What are the odds of that?

Find out all about WonderCon (April 2 - 4) here:

I'll be signing and drawing and chatting and whatnot at the Archaia booth 813/815. Also, you can check me out at two events. First my digital painting seminar:

Digital Painting
Friday, APRIL 2
ROOM 204/206

And second, the Archaia panel on Sunday with other great artists and writers from that fine publisher, such as Chandra Free, Kat Rocha, Josh Finney, and more!

Archaia News, Notes and Hightlights
Sunday, April 4
3:30 - 4:30
Room 236/238

I should note that I'm expecting almost no one to be at my seminar this year, because it's at the same time as Kevin Smith's talk. So if you do show up you can consider yourself one of a VERY select group.

Hope to see you there!


John said...

Great job at Wondercon! Even though the technical glitches ran a little long, I was very glad to see a bit of your technique. I hope you remember to post those brushes like you promised us.

Patrick said...

Glad you could make it! I had a great time there. I will def. post brushes this week - thanks for the reminder. :D