Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fan mail from some Flounder!

Lots to catch up on! Here are some of the projects I've done in the last few months:

Hero Games: Villiany Amok! Just released this week - I did six of the interior art pieces. Also, the cover and several interiors for their Valdorian Age book.

Decipher: Wars TCG - four cards for the next set, "Edge of a Sword".

Hidden City Games: This is a new company started by some folks who used to work at Wizards of the Coast. I did several pictures for an upcoming game, and I think they came out very nicely! I'll put some up as soon as I can.

Fantasy Flight Games: After I finished up the cover for an upcoming installment of the Midnight RPG series, I did a couple of sets of cards. 10 pieces for the next Game of Thrones set, and 11 cards for Call of Cthulhu. What a lot of stuff!

Necromancer games (published by Kenzer & Co.): Lots of interior art for an upcoming D20 book called The Doom of Listonshire. Several old familiar D&D monsters, and some interesting new characters. I had fun playing with a looser, high contrast style. I think you'll like it when you see it!

Speakeasy Comics: This is a cool one! I'm doing an ongoing series, tentatively scheduled to begin in July and published bi-monthly. I'm just starting the art on it this month - more information when it becomes available! I'll definitely be talking about this one...

In other news, I am without a doubt signed up for both GenCon Indy and Dragon Con this year. See you there!

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