Thursday, June 02, 2005

Gatesville news and other stuff!

Thought I'd forgotten to blog, didn't you? Well, actually I've just been crazy busy for a while, but the edge is off right now, so what the heck.

First - it appears that the last time I updated my blog (last month) something went wrong with the upload, so you never got to see it! Darn. Well, before you go any farther, why don't you read the next entry down from this one and catch up on all the stuff I mentioned. It was a pretty newsy entry!

OK, are you back? Good; let's carry on!

Right then, the big news is the upcoming release of my comic book The Gatesville Company. Here is the link to the official site. I'll be adding more soon, so check back often.

And even cooler, here is the article about it from Comic Book Resources (or "CBR" for those who prefer the comfort of acronyms). I'll be updating the "press" page on the Gatesville site if more people talk about us and stuff.

I've completed a couple of jobs since the last time we spoke... Castle Merchants, a board game from Z-Man Games, will feature a cover by me plus all the interior art, like the board and game pieces. That was a very unusual assignment, and fun. Also did several cards for Mystical Empire, a new CCG.

Also, Hidden City Games has an official site up for Clout Fantasy, for which I did some art earlier in the year. This is a whole new type of game (a collectable skill-based game) which may get a lot of attention in the coming months.

Finally, never let it be said I don't include the bad with the good. Decipher is cancelling the "Wars" series, so the "Edge of a Sword" expansion (and thus the work I did for it) will not be published. If you're curious, you can see a piece I did for it on my Epilogue Gallery. It's the piece called "Arena".

One more thing! I'll be attending ComicCon San Diego this July! Hanging out at the Speakeasy booth and hopefully (if it's printed in time!) promoting The Gatesville Company. See you there!

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