Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bloggidy blog blog!

Hey, folks!
All right - first off, San Diego is on for sure. If you want to hook up with me, look for me at the Speakeasy booth. I won't always be there, but I plan to make it my "home base" so you can probably ask for me and someone ought to know when I'll be there. :) I think.

And why should you go to the Speakeasy booth? Well, primarily to get your hands on Gatesville Company #1. Woohoo! I am informed that there will be plenty of copies of your new favorite comic book on hand for immediate sale. And personally signed by me, if you are so inclined. Sounds fun to me!

Also in Gatesville-related news, please check out the newly-finished and constantly updated Gatesville Company web site. It even has a blog, which I'm managing to keep a lot more up-to-date than this one. (Sorry!)

In other Patrick news, the next set of Call of Cthulhu cards, "Eldrich Edition" should be out any minute now, and includes a dozen cards with art by yours truly. In addition, Fantasy Flight has new release the new Arkham Asylum board game, with several monsters I created. Check out their official web page - that scary monster on the home page is one of mine! :) From all accounts this is a heck of a good board game, so you might want to pick one up at your local game shop.

OK, kids. See you in San Diego!

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