Friday, November 11, 2005

Four months? Really?

Well, yes, I'm a bad blogger... Sorry about the extreme delay, but I've been sooooo busy! I'll try to recap the highlights and give you the rundown on some news.

First of all, San Diego ComicCon, GenCon Indy, and Dragon*Con were all great! At SD I got to show off the first issue of Gatesville Company and meet lots of wonderful fellow comics creators. At GenCon I had my first taste of having my own booth at a con, and met many cool artists there (and stayed with/bummed rides from friends Patrick and Vicky Morgan-Kieth and Stan Morrison and his clan).

At Dragon*Con I once again met more new folks, palled around with Stan, hung out with Don Maitz and Janny Wurtz one evening (great folks) and even (be still my heart) met Roger Dean! Yes, in my personal pantheon of Art Dieties, he's up there with Frazetta and Wyeth. So that was particularly nifty. Also I won an award in the Art Show - the fan award for "Best Horror" piece. I got it for the Oil painting version of this piece that I did a few months back. Someday in the near future, I'll get a photo of the Oil and put it up so you can see the difference. I should also scan the award and put it up, too... That will be easier. :)

Gatesville Company news!
Well, issue #2 was supposed to come out in October, but it didn't. It seems there were production problems at the publisher, and they are working very hard to get it out as soon as possible. They are shooting for it to hit stores next week, 11/16. Fingers are crossed!

Also on the Gatesville front, please check out two things. First of all, the Speakeasy Comics forum now has a Gatesville board, moderated by Yours Truly. Stop by and join in on the coversation! Consider yourself personally invited. :)

Thing the Second - if you haven't been to the Gatesville Company Web Site, please drop by there. There are new things on the front page about the second issue, and in the Blogsville section there is a link to the first five pages of the new issue! What fun!

Ninja Mountain
A few months ago I was invited to join a group of Fantasy/SF/Horror artists. It's a great list of artists who are, like myself, working to make our genre art a respected and vital part of the Illustration world. We have recently put up a promotional page with art and links, as well as a blog and mission statement. Please take a look.

New work from me!
There's been simply too much new stuff out recently to catch up on here... sorry! But I'll mention the newest, which is a Call of Cthulhu CCG expastion set Masks of Nyarlathotep from Fantasy Flight Games, for which I did the box art and 12 cards.

Coming up in the near future, you'll see art I did for Alderac's Warlord CCG, White Wolf's World of Warcraft RPG, a new board game called Britannia, a new expasion for the Clout Fantasy game, interiors for the new Midnight: Heart of Shadow book, more Game of Thrones, the Castle Merchants board game and much, much more. Busy time for me indeed, and that's great!!

Buy things!
Hey, I do have a complete line of prints available now. All of my pictures are now available as small prints, and many are available in the large size. Please inquire if you're interested.
Pricing is very easy:
8.5" x 11" prints: $10
11" x 14" prints $20
11" x 14" with a 16" x 20" mat: $30

Shipping is $4.00 for up to five small prints, $6.00 for up to five large prints, and 7.50 for up to 2 matted prints.

I'll get something a little more official-looking up soon, I promise!

GenCon SoCal
Or GenCon Southern California, that is! I'll be there next Friday, 11/18. If you're interested in seeing me, drop me a line and I'll let me know where you'll be. I'll see if we can hook up. I'll mostly be wandering around the publisher's booths making contacts and catching up with people I already know. Should be a whirlwind of fun!

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