Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Big news, big changes, and Marvel!

Far less of me in the near future!
... And I don't mean weight loss! Starting next week, I will be working on an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics! I've already been doing a lot of work for them over the last several weeks, but as of the 1st of January my new contract becomes active, and I will no longer be doing any freelance illustration work for the rest of 2008.

I will still be working on my comic book "Starkweather: Immortal", so keep looking for that at comic shops near you.  But other than that and some easel painting (which I plan to be doing more of) I will be be working exclusively for Marvel's licensing division, doing Photoshop-painted versions of their awesome comics characters.  I'm already having a great time with it, and plan to have a very fun year. :)

I will be attending some conventions this year, and several of the things I've done in the recent past will still be coming out, such as my covers for Boom! Studio's Fall of Cthulhu series and Sony Online Entertainment's Legends of Norrath online CCG.  But no other new work will be coming from me in 2008 except for Marvel product art and Starkweather.  So I'll keep you informed in this space about my appearances, any art that's coming out, and the like.  Thanks for all your support and I'll talk to you again soon.

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