Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm back from the big San Diego convention!! I had a great time, mostly hanging out with the Archaia Studios Press crew. (Home of my series, Starkweather: Immortal). Hi Chandra, Tom, Dave, Dave, Alex, Alex, Mark, Nick, Jackie, Josh, Kat, and anyone else I'm egregiously forgetting.

And to anyone who picked up Starkweather, or just my card - hi to you too!

Did I do anything fun? Yes. Anything anyone else would care about? Depends! I did go to a rather cool (invite-only) party thrown by the William Morris Agency on the roof of the Hard Rock Hotel. And my friends and I got kicked out of the table we were sitting at so Stan Lee and his entourage (including personal photographer) could sit there. So now I've been pushed aside by someone famous... that's an oddly satisfying thing.

Chandra took a picture of the event.

I also met up with all the guys at Boom! Studios, where I did a bunch of covers last year. They're great guys and all said they want me back. That was too cool. (Chip Mosher introduced me as "the nicest guy in comics"! Now I have to live up to that...)

Anyway, now I'm back, with a few new ideas and a lot of inspiration. Things I will do:

More blogging! And I'm considering changing my front page to a blog too. But for now, just more here.

More updates! You can see some new um fairly recent er, not as old stuff on right now, but I'll get more up here pretty quick.

Other places to find me! I'm on Twitter. I have one follower! Help me with that sad situation - follow me at Patrick_McEvoy (spiffy name, eh?) Also, I'm thinking about actually adding a page on Myspace, since I'm signed up and all...

Better art! That's the toughie. I'm always trying to learn how to actually not suck, but this year I'm inspired to try new things, break out of the mold a bit, and really be good. I think it will involve less sketching for practice and more experimenting. Wish me luck.

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