Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My office, and me!

A long time ago - at least a few years - I did a little article for Epitome Ezine about my office space. While my thoughts on the subject of an office in general have changed very little, my actual office space is WAY different.

First of all, I moved to Northern California. It's nice up here, and there's a lake view out of my office windown (well, most of the year...). Actually, not a lot else has changed except that everything is sort of in a different configuration. Here's a picture of my office (with the closet doors being mirrored you can see most of the room, and me too!)

Here's a closer view of my drawing board and messy taboret:

And here's my ever-present book shelf (half of it anyway), and my Star Wars poster and a signed Bernie Wrightson print:

It's a bit smaller than my previous space, but it has a LOT of light, and more storage area with the big closet. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, I just wish there were more open wall space to put up my many posters and prints, which now must languish. Oh, the sacrifices I make for art! ;)

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