Sunday, August 08, 2010

Several items of interest

Today will be a link-heavy blog post, because there's a LOT to report. Thanks for stopping by; hopefully you'll find something to improve your lot in life, or at least give you a reason to continue slogging through this horrible world of pain for yet another day.

First, and most importantly... Starkweather: Immortal, my first hardcover graphic novel, is available - FINALLY - on! My largest piece of work by far, I'm really glad it's a real thing at last. I'm very proud of it, both as a professional accomplishment and as a piece of entertainment. Please check it out, and possibly even buy a copy. ;)

SDCC wrapup!

San Diego Comic-Con was great on so many levels. I got to see all the latest happenings in the world of pop culture, I met with friends both old and new, and I met a couple of my wonderful Art Directors in person for the first time (Hi Jon Schindehette and Jeremy Cranford!) along with several other interesting new potential clients. And I hyped my wife Danelle's comic book flatting business (she's been doing that for a couple of years now and has worked on a lot of really cool books - if you need a flatter/color assistant, drop her an e-mail!)  So -- Good stuff all around.

But primarily I was there to promote Starkweather, and that went just fine! Hello and a big thanks to everyone who stopped by the Archaia booth to say hi and/or buy a copy of the book. We had 100 copies air-shipped from the publisher in South Korea and sold out all of them over the weekend!

I was invited to an interesting event at the con, put on by We recorded a podcast where @spookychan, @TheSciFiBlock and I and several other cool Venture Brothers fans talked all about the show from the super-fan perspective we all have. :)  I think it ended up being very interesting - find out for yourself here:

Also, I was on the Archaia "all access" panel, where the artists and writers from Archaia's creator-owned books got together to talk about our comics. If you were there you probably know it was a ton of great fun!

In other news...

Back in April of this year I was interviewed by the Electric Playground show on G4 Canada, and it's now been released to the internet!  I talk all about Starkweather and everything!

And also on the Starkweather trail, the folks at interviewed both me and D-Rod about Starkweather, and you can now read the awesome results here (mine) and here (Dave's).  They came out great, though they do call me "Jason" in one place for no apparent reason.. :D

 And finally, for those who are Ninja Mountain podcast fans! I made one of my all-to-infrequent appearances on the show this week, and with Jeremy away at GenCon I also played host to Socar Myles and Kieran Yanner:

Well, that's about it for the moment. What, that's NOT ENOUGH?  You want MORE?? Well, a) you're a sick puppy, and b) I'll have some really big news about upcoming projects soon.

As always, be sure to leave a message. I love to hear from you!

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nice interview Patrick, and of course great art :) congrats!