Monday, March 07, 2011


Hi all!

Well, if I'm lucky, you have been wondering where I've been.

Not in a good place.

But, I am returning, and feeling better all the time. And as part of my newly-reconstituted frame of mind, I've recently been interviewed by the astounding Cammy of Cammy's Comics Corner! Check out the interview here! We discuss H.P. Lovecraft, my upcoming comics projects, and a number of other things. And we rib my friend Josh Finney (writer/co-artist of Titanium Rain) in a gentle yet entirely cruel way.

More to come soon, including my upcoming trip to this year's WonderCon in San Francisco. I'll be sharing a table with the awesome Jules Rivera, and selling some stuff. Wow! The mind reels. Talk to you again soon!


Jeremy said...

Hey that was a great interview! I couldn't find "color out of time" I did however find "shadow out of time", and "color out of space" thanks, for the suggested reading. See you at Wondercon!

Patrick said...

Yes! :) Absolutely right. I realized that after the interview and left a message on Cammy's site about that. *embarassed* I did mean the Color out of Space!

Glad you liked the interview - thanks!

P.J. Magalhães said...

Very good to hear you are getting better, sir. Onto better times. I shall listen to the interview, post haste. huh i think that's what i mean! :D

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot, PJ! I think you did mean what you thought you meant, but it's an odd phrase when you think about it... Oh, and I hope you like the interview! I think Cammy did a great job as always.

P.J. Magalhães said...

Yeah i get what you mean about what you thought i meant when i meant what i said...


That was an awesome interview, very very funny and informative. It shall never bother me again that nobody notices Kenny's deaths. Plus you can actually hear him speak.

I guess it's a little comforting to hear that even seasoned pro's have problems with their own art. It would be nice to think that we can reach a point where we are never happy with our art but it also does not weigh us down.

I've had to deal with depression related to being such a perfectionist and it just lain silly and yet so hard to stop. It takes learned skills to not go down that path.

I think i may have to dedicate some part of my blog to dealing with that particular issue since it's been such a heavy part of my life and no other blog is really dealing with it.

Anyway, great to have you back and getting back into some more comic stuff. :)

David Michael Wright said...

Great interview! Really enjoyed listening to it. Sorry to read that you’ve not been well recently. I always really enjoy listening to you and the others on NM (Definitely one of the highlights of my fortnight, you lot cheer me up no end!). It’s good to hear you’re back on track.

I’m quite an HP Lovecraft fan myself and so I was interested to hear that you had painted loads of Cthulhu cards (80 – 90! (!!!) (…!)). Is there anywhere that these paintings can be seen collectively? It sounds like great stuff.

P.S - Have you ever read any Clark Ashton Smith?

Patrick said...

PJ - thanks again! And I think that a blog series on that subject would be well worth reading. I would certainly read it, at least. :)

I actually envy artists who are good enough with their own work to hang it around the house. I wish I had that much of a good relationship with my art. Not that I don't like it... just that there's always SO much to critique. Ah well..

Glad you liked the interview!

Patrick said...

David - thanks for the comments on the interview. :) And also thanks for being a NM listener too. We still have a lot of fun on the show (especially now that it's every other week - we're a bit more laid back about it!)

Lovecraft sure gave us a wealth of ideas to play with, didn't he? As for the cards, I don't know where there's a collection of all of them, but you can find several on my old Epilogue account:

Finally, thanks for the kind words about my personal status. I'm hopeful things will continue to improve over the coming months!