Saturday, July 09, 2011

fun thing - Avengers

So. I was Googling for something or other, and up came this:

I thought to myself, "Hmm... I've seen these pictures somewhere before.. But WHERE? And it soon occurred to me: Oh yeah, I DID THEM!

That's right, I'd completely forgotten about one of the many Marvel special projects I did. Duh. I had drawn these like a year before the show came out, then absolutely never thought to check the show out. Someone else went in and did the inks and colors, but I'd done the drawings. It's always cool to see something like that finally released! So many of my Marvel pieces never get out to the general public.

So, for the first time - my Avengers Animated drawings!

©2011 Marvel Characters, Inc.

©2011 Marvel Characters, Inc.

©2011 Marvel Characters, Inc.

The Blue and Red overlays are an indication to the colorist of where shadows and highlights could go. You can see they sort of followed them, but not always (for instance Cap's shield is very different). Oh, and I didn't draw the Hulk.

I also did Ant Man and Hawkeye, but they aren't on the cover... If I ever see them somewhere I'll post those drawings too!

One more thing - I should mention that after I discovered this I took a look at the show (on Netflix streaming) and it is AWESOME. Started a bit slow, but it really took off, with small arcs coming to a huge, satisfying conclusion at the end of the 26-episode first season. This is what Heroes desperately wanted to be, I think; great, epic storytelling. And, even better, it works for kids AND adults, too.

Well, that's it for today. Just thought you might want to see some behind-the scenes stuff. Leave a note if you thought it was interesting!


Furman said...

Very cool. I remember big John and Tom Palmer's run on Avengers back in the late eighties really hooked me into these characters emotionally and then being reunited with them again through the two Ultimates series. Glad u got the chance to work on such iconic characters :)

Patrick said...

Hey thanks! It was pretty cool getting to do these guys, as well as a bunch of other Marvel characters over the last few years. I remember as a kid first getting into the Avengers back in the mid '70s about the time of the Avengers/Defenders War crossover (shows how old I am!) Great stuff indeed.