Friday, June 17, 2011

New things, new commissions

Hi all!

Well, things have been hopping! I'm officially art directing a new online game from Dark Skull Studios, I'm doing some work for Marvel, starting a new iPad project AND still working on World War Kaiju. Busy enough? Not really - I've got some commissions too!

Here's what I've done lately on the commission front. I'm having LOTS of fun drawing these days...

Neil Gaiman's Death:

Scott James Taylor as Starkweather (& Solomon the lizard!):

Mary Watson, née Marston (from Sherlock Holmes' "The Sign of Four"):

Need I add that I want you -- yes YOU -- to drop by my online store and order a commission of your own? :) click here!

OK, T.T.F.N - talk to you later.



Alex Sheikman said...


Love the Death illustration! Has a cool feel to it and the rendering is fantastic.


Patrick said...

Wow, thanks, Alex! I'm always pleased and amazed when you enjoy my work. :)

ElasticUnicorn said...

Got to agree with Alex - in fact this is all such great work. It's good to be able to see it here.

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot, Stew. Always good to know someone's looking.. :D