Saturday, July 27, 2013

World War Kaiju: Flawless Victory awaits!

Wow, things are going great, but it's NOT TOO LATE to get in on the fun! As of this writing World War Kaiju is about $900 away from our minimum funding level with over two weeks to go. Check it out! WWK Kickstarter

If you're new to the party, WWK is a graphic novel I'm doing the art for. It's a fun and action-filled alternate history that sets up the premise: what if World War II ended not with the Atomic Bomb, but with the creation of giant Kaiju monsters? How would the cold war have played out if the world resembled Japanese monster movies from the 1960's?

So... Getting to our minimum Kickstarter amount is SUPER AWESOME, but... The really cool things happen with our stretch goals... such as DOUBLING the size of the book if we reach $25000! Yes, that's for the EXACT SAME PRICE as your initial pledge. So, if you've been waiting to pledge on this thing, the time is coming to do it. And, if you've already been generous enough (and intelligent enough! And obviously very good-looking!) to have signed up (and thanks!) then please get your friends to do it too; write on boards, blogs, or random city walls. Anything to get the word out would help.

In the meantime, if you'd like to hear me and the rest of Team Kaiju (Kat Rocha and Josh Finney) talk about World War Kaiju, here's a handy roundup of most of the interviews we've done over the last several weeks. You can hear our actual voices talk about all sorts of things! Click here for the interviews!

As always, for more info on our groovy project check out our home site -

Thanks, -Patrick

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