Sunday, July 28, 2013

WWK - Achievement Unlocked!

Thank you!!!!

Woohoo! We made our minimum goal. World War Kaiju is officially funded on Kickstarter. Check it out:

What does that mean?

I means that now we REALLY need to get to work.

If you haven't yet pledged, or posted about us, or tweeted our link, or bothered your neighbors... Now is the time to do so! Why? One word: Stretch goals. (OK, that was probably two words but numbers are for terrorists!)

Here's what I mean: Our $15,000 goal was met, so we can do the initial chapter of World War Kaiju. BUT here is what happens if we make further goals over the NEXT TWO WEEKS...

$16,000: Everyone who pledged $55+ will receive a bookmark with their copy of World War Kaiju.

$20,000: Everyone who pledges $55+ will receive a kaiju-themed magnetic poetry kit. You TOTALLY want this.

$25,000: Once this goal is unlocked EVERYONE'S copy of World War Kaiju will DOUBLE in length and contain TWICE as much story content!

You read that right. If we (you, me, us!) can get enough people to pitch in, this book will be TWICE the story size for the SAME PRICE. Let's all appreciate that together.

Aaaaahhhh, I feel the awesome washing over me. Do you?

If - BIG if - but IF we get to $35,000 (more than double where we already are, but bear with me) we will TRIPLE the story content. Again -- For the same freakin' price!

So, yes, for my own selfish reasons I want you to blog, post, podcast, phone, text, and use the damned *telegraph* to get the word out. But the rewards are great - potentially THREE TIMES the story for the same price awaits.

You could also up your own pledge, and get some of our awesome rewards, such as the Drinking Game (including custom shot glasses), the Survival Pack (including a metal sign making you aware of how to survive a Kaiju attack), custom sketches, original WWK page art, and more. This, I think, would be a brilliant use of your spare money in any case. The choice is yours.

Thanks again folks. You all rock, whether you pledged money or spread the word about WWK, we are all in this together. You're the best!

Two weeks left - let's see if we can do this.



Chanel said...

This is cool!

Patrick McEvoy said...

Thanks - I agree!!!