Saturday, August 10, 2013

WWK Kickstarter - final days!

Well! The WORLD WAR KAIJU Kickstarter campaign is down to its final couple of days, and I have to thank you all again for your support. As of this writing we're at about $20,500!  That's two stretch goals unlocked for everyone who pledged $55 or more (free bookmarks and magnetic poetry set)!

However, there's a goal I think we can still make that will benefit EVERYONE ON EARTH!  Well, at least everyone who is getting a WWK book.  And that is this: if we can get to $25,000 we will DOUBLE the amount of story content in the book.  At NO EXTRA CHARGE.  That's right, for no bigger pledge than you've already given, you will get both the first AND SECOND chapters in this one incredible volume. 

You can help!

 - if you've been waiting to pledge: NOW IS THE TIME!

 - if you're already a backer: please consider bumping up your amount by choosing one of our incredible incentives (signed bookplates, original art, Kaiju Drinking Game w/ Shot glasses, propaganda posters, and much more!

 - if you haven't blogged or posted about us yet:  be an evangelist!  Introduce your friends and followers to the awesome World War Kaiju universe and see if they might want to join us. After all, every dollar they give gets us all closer to a LOT more content. 
OK, thanks again for your time and support. I really appreciate everything you have all done.  Now let's get fired up and bring in a legendary ending to this campaign! 

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