Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Commissions - what they look like!

Well, I've completed the first three commissioned drawings, and I thought I'd share. I had lots of fun doing these, and hopefully there will be more in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed doing some quick work just for the fun of it.

(By the way, these were all ordered without backgrounds. The minimal backgrounds are included when I feel the figure needs them for a good composition, as all three of these did!)


To recap, here are the types of pieces available and prices. NOTE - there's one addition now. Color! Yes, I'll be doing color pieces too, if anyone needs such a thing.

Here are the prices for a 9" x 12" picture -

Single figure pencil: $30

Single figure inked: $40

Single figure color/ink: $80

These may or may not include a bit of background or other elements, depending on how I think the composition works best. Also, the single figure could be a bust if you like. (Same price as a full figure, because I'll be putting extra work into the face detail, hair, etc.).

Add-ons -

Background: add $20

Each additional character: add $20

11" x 14" size: add $20

Shipping is included for U.S. - extra for other countries, based on actual cost.

Send your requests to me by email: For payment, Paypal is preferred, but I can accept a check if you have to do that.


CGriffin said...

I really dig how kinetic they all feel. You're a deal, Patrick!

Patrick said...

Thanks Christine! (Nice to hear from you too!)

Alex Sheikman said...

great work! I have always been a fan of your painting, but this is the first time I got to see you do full pencil drawings. Sweet.

Patrick said...

Thanks Alex - that means a lot coming from a master of line-art like yourself.

Hey, I missed you at Wondercon. Did you go this year? If so I'm sad we didn't meet up!

Alex Sheikman said...


As always, you are too kind :)

I am also sorry we did not connect at WonderCon. I did go, but I was not able to get a table at the artist alley, so I spent some time walking around and then I signed some books at Archaia booth. I got to met a lot of the Archaia editors and I talked with them about doing more Dark Crystal work. Hopefully it will all work out.

Glad to see you are doing well and are inspired. The artwork looks great!


LandPainter said...

Great idea, Patrick! Awesome artwork too!