Saturday, April 30, 2011

What I'm up to lately

Hey folks,

Thought you'd like a short update on my current projects. Would you? Darn this turn-based communication! Well, I shall simply assume you would and proceed from there...

A couple of interesting things came out recently. I did the illustration for an article in the new Dungeon magazine (#189) called "Killing Ground". You can see a preview here. Also out now from WotC is the "D&D Heroes of Shadow" supplement book. I did a few pictures in there that were quite fun.

Next up, I did the art and graphic design for an iPhone app that came out recently called "Police Scanner Radio" (yes, it's just what the name says!). The same company, Critical Hit Software, is in the very, very final stages of game-tuning for a new app called "Epic Gladiator", which should be lots of fun. You can find previews of the massive amounts of icon and other art I did for it here.

Lots of cards in the Legend of the Five Rings "Dead of Winter" set a few months back, and more in next month's "Before the Dawn". Read about that game on the AEG site.

In addition, I'm working on an awesome new Graphic Novel called World War Kaiju. Find out about it here, or check my DeviantArt account for updates! I think you'll be blown away by the ideas.

Speaking of DeviantArt, I'm updating that account more often these days, with both brand new art and favorite oldies. Take a look, give me faves, watch my account... Whatever makes you happy. :)

Aside from that, lots of development work for various iPhone games, concept art, and other stuff that I can't show for various reasons.

Oh, and did I mention I'm doing commissions these days? Let me not forget that!

That's it for now - talk to you soon!

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